The benefits of Social Login

Benefits of Implementing Social Login

As part of our project to develop a generic social media login component, we researched the question of why you should implement social login. What benefits can social login provide to both a business and its client base? The following blog will detail some of the key factors. We have looked at a number of sources for information, particularly the results of a study by Blue Research (an independent research consultancy) on Social Login.  

Your Users and Customers Are Already Aware

The concept of Social Login is not new, in fact it has already been around for quite some time. The study revealed that of the customers questioned, 87% were already familiar with Social Login, and that was in 2014. This figure will likely now be even higher as Social Login continues to move towards an industry standard for websites requiring sign up and login. This begs the question that if it makes a users’ life easier, and they already know about it, why wouldn’t you implement it?

Password Fatigue

In the past many websites have used registration forms and their own custom logins to allow users to sign up to their website, and marketers have traditionally used this as a way to identify and inform themselves about their consumers. This process now seems out of date, with the study confirming that consumers are weary of this approach (with over half of them reporting giving false information anyway), and it is causing the phenomenon that is Password Fatigue

Password Fatigue is the feeling experienced many when trying to remember a plethora of passwords. It is proven to contribute towards stress levels, and it actually encourages users to adopt bad habits (e.g. same passwords, easy-to-guess passwords, keeping passwords written down). Furthermore, Password Fatigue may actually be costing companies business, with 92% of respondents reporting leaving a website during sign on if their password was an issue. The solution? Social Login. 

Personalised Marketing and User Experience to Increase Interactions

If you do not use Social Login, and over half of your customer base register with false information, how can you hope to provide effectively targeted and relevant marketing information? 98% of respondents to the study revealed they have at some point received promotions that were of no relevance. Social Login makes a customers’ life easier so they are likely going to use it, and then you have a much higher certainty that the information provided is accurate. 

Following a user using Social Login, you can request permission to use their personal information to personalise their experience. 65% of customers’ report they are more likely to return to a website that automatically welcomes them through social login, with 67% saying personalisation is highly attractive to them. 

A personalised experience has huge benefits for a business. People are highly likely to return to your site if you personally welcome them and offer them a simple way to login. A higher conversion of signups/logins will also inevitably lead to more sales, or more users consuming your information. Furthermore, your marketing will be more specifically targeted; even if it does not lead to a sale at least the information provided to your customers will be relevant to them. Overall, your customers will be more engaged with your brand and products, your site will have more interactions and customers will spend more time there. Offering a choice of signup options gives control to customers of how they want to engage with you and how much information they want to share and allow you access.

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