Shopping’s difficult, but it shouldn’t have to be. Since the start of the year we’ve been investigating the humble shopping list, and how we could use digital to make it more fun, easier and quicker to do the weekly shop. The result of those investigations will be our very own prototype shopping list app.


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a shopping list app that could learn your shopping habits and automatically add those items to your next shop? Why not allow the app to help you shop more efficiently and save you time by ordering the list of items based on which store you were visiting? And wouldn’t it great if someone could tell you where that elusive final item is so you don’t end up circling the store for hours?

Based on those ideas, and the handful of shopping list apps that already exist, we came up with a list of things our app should do:

Core requirements

  • Learns based on activity to help customers remember the item they always forget
  • Learns the frequency with which you get through store cupboard products and auto-adds them to your list
  • Multiple users in one account, so a number of people can collaborate / add to the list
  • Re-orders itself based on the flow of the physical store you’re shopping in
  • Can act as the digital interface when physically in-store for suggesting and recommending additional products and offers
  • Can suggest appropriate replacements to items that are out of stock

One of the most important parts of the project is simplicity. It needs to work for everyone who shops in supermarkets, and they’re not all used to digital and smartphones. And also, it needs to be just as quick and easy as jotting down a list on a piece of paper, while still doing all the cool stuff digital makes possible.

Easy, right? We’ll let you know how we get on…

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