Employee digital dashboards: Creating a joined-up customer service experience

In an omnichannel world, customers interact with brands in multiple ways. The freedom to create a relationship across channels is a really powerful thing if used correctly - customers who can quickly raise an issue via Twitter rather than ringing a phone number, being kept on hold for hours and, if they’re lucky, finally speaking to someone, will be happier and more loyal. Being active across varied touchpoints gives brands a chance to express personality and resolve problems in unique, delightful ways, turning negative experiences into positive ones.

At least, that’s the theory. But in order to really facilitate joined up, omnichannel customer service, you need to understand the journey your customers have been on, wherever and however they choose to interact with you. All too often customers end up being pushed between channels, having to repeat the whole story that’s led them to that particular point each time, and ending up frustrated and angry.

For our latest R&D project, we’re prototyping a digital customer dashboard which aims to solve that problem. Wherever a customer interacts with a brand, that brand should know their story without having to ask; at every step of the way, more detail should be captured, both explicitly and implicitly, that enables service in the future to be even more personal.

Primarily designed for instore use, our dashboard will allow staff to identify customers and see their stories at a glance - everything from what products they’ve purchased in the past, to when the last time they rang customer services was and whether they were happy when the phone call ended. It’ll intelligently recommend products based on customer profile information, and provide a new channel for raising new issues, or dealing with existing ones.

The interface for logging new information needs to be easy to understand and quick to use, so customers never feel like an assistant is more interested in their tablet than them. It should also work for call centre staff using desktop computers, to facilitate a genuinely seamless cross-channel experience.

Linking an individual customer’s interactions in this way has the potential to revolutionise customer service; we’re excited to be creating a genuinely innovative product that could make life easier for brands, staff and shoppers alike!

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