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Personalised in-store experience

The Challenge.

How do you give supermarket customers an easy personalised in-store experience with a digital solution?

Aldi is a global, multi award-winning supermarket that believes in fresh, quality ingredients at affordable prices. Over recent years, Aldi has built a strong relationship with Team GB and is on a mission to inspire the next generation to ‘get set and eat fresh’, encouraging everyone in the family from 5 years upwards to think about healthy eating.

Aldi wanted to further enhance and personalise their customer experience journey to make grocery shopping easy and give customers a better in-store experience. We needed understand how consumers plan and do their grocery shopping, designing and building a solution around them that naturally fits into their routine.

So, we created a rapidly evolving digital product, connecting customers at home to the moment of purchase in store, which works seamlessly with or without internet connection.

  • Year

    2017 - Present

  • Deliverables

    Shopping list iOS app (Trial)

  • Platform

    Grocery X

Our Solution.

We built an iOS app shopping list using Grocery X as the underlying technology, which helps Aldi customers quickly plan and manage their grocery needs.

The app makes the shopping experience as easy as possible for customers allowing them to add and delete items, identify duplicate items by recording quantities and add items to favourites for easy repeat purchases.

The app also recommends offers to make the week more exciting, such as the Super 6 offer, which encourages healthy eating while saving money.

The user can make changes wherever they are, and multiple family members can add in what they need to one simple shopping list. With the data stored digitally, the app can keep track of user needs and suggest new ideas to help with planning the week’s shop.

Aldi can then use the data from the app, such as items and locations, to gain a full picture of how their customers are shopping. This enables them to tailor and personalise each customer’s experience for a seamless omni-channel journey.

The Results.

  • 317 users, 2369 sessions recorded

  • Average of 7.47 app launches per user over the trial period

  • Average purchases per trip of 7.68 items