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Transforming the customer experience

The Challenge.

How do you redefine a customer experience for small businesses to make everyone feel valued?

PEX is an expense management company based in New York. It was formed when it became apparent to their CEO that banks and card issuers in the US were ignoring the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Since then, they’ve been growing exponentially and now sit proudly as the leaders of their field; a field which they created.

PEX works with small businesses who often feel time starved, stressed, and have unique challenges. A generic ‘one size fits all’ site wasn’t going to cut it. We needed to personalise the experience and learn which persona small businesses fit into, then transform the site so they could get what they needed quickly.

  • Year

    2015 - Present

  • Deliverables

    Responsive website

    Pardot email campaigns

  • Platform

    Kentico EMS


  • Salesforce integration

  • Pardot email campaigns

  • Live chat

  • Persona scoring

Our Solution.

We chose the Kentico EMS to leverage the powerful CMS and Enterprise Marketing features such as persona generation, profiling, and personalisation.

Content is king in the digital space so we created compelling video content to inform website visitors about PEX and its services. This was prominently visible on the home page alongside great imagery and iconography.

Integration was then carried out with Salesforce and Pardot to enable anonymous and rich user data to be captured throughout the site and uploaded into Salesforce. This formed a single customer view repository to be used in all future campaign efforts.

The Results.
  • 17% increase in new users visiting the site

  • 22% increase in the number of online enrollments

  • 5.3% decrease in bounce rates