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Creating new digital experiences for motorists

The Challenge.

How do you create new digital customer experiences for motorists whilst staying true to your founding purpose?

The RAC is more than just a brand. It’s an institution. For many large institutions, the modern world of digital hasn’t been easy to adapt to. However, as digital transformation continues to become a reality for organisations all over the globe, that’s exactly what the RAC has been working towards. They have used recent changes in consumer behaviour to their advantage by creating new and seamless digital experiences for motorists.

They operate in a highly competitive breakdown and insurance industry and despite this, the RAC has still successfully grown its membership, which our continued work is a huge part of.

The RAC route planner is the RAC’s main acquisition channel and acts as a window to the variety of products the RAC can provide motorists. But, the Route Planner was struggling because of outdated technology which couldn’t compete with the AA Route Finder, or other journey planners like Google Maps. Not forgetting it had to encompass updated SEO capabilities so that it could be discovered easily online.

  • Year


  • Deliverables


  • Platform



  • 5-day weather forecast

  • Real time traffic alert system

  • Integration with Late Rooms

  • Personalised Routes

  • Mileage calculator

Our Solution.

By analysing the market, we knew whatever we produced had to be easily accessible across multiple devices. We developed an adaptive site for mobile and desktop and because of the complex integration and IT, the focus had to be on user needs rather than a protracted technology piece.

Using Google Maps as the underlying technology, we tailored the experience for specific users. The outcome is a planner that included a 5-day weather forecast with a real time traffic alert system, and drivers can also set up traffic alert notifications for their daily routes.

In addition to traffic alerts, we knew that motorists were looking for points of interest along their planned routes, so we integrated the planner with Late Rooms to show hotel availability. We also provided RAC with the ability to add points of interest themselves, which included car dealers and garages.

We then made it easy for users to personalise their route by adding drag and drop waypoints. This allows users to manually choose their route, factoring in points of interest relevant to them on the roads they choose. To appeal to business users, we added mileage calculators and multi-journey options to help with expense claims.

  • 16% increase in website visits YOY since the route planner launched.

"We have an ongoing relationship with Rockpool and ongoing digital development. They are like an extension of the digital team and the relationship works well. Some people can talk a good game but to transform an idea into action, many fail at that point. Rockpool don't."

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RAC Chief Marketing Officer, RAC