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Digital that enhances employees’ lives

The Challenge.

Creating a digital experience that enhances employees’ lives.

Sky works with a number of third parties to help with selling and distributing its services across the UK. We know this already sounds complicated, and this is where Rockpool come in.

Sky wanted to create a seamless platform which would allow them to keep in contact with everyone in the field. As a sales tool, it needed to be scalable, flexible and work in real-time to answer Sky’s needs. So, this is what we did...

  • Year

    2004 - Present

Our Solution.

We created a powerful tool that’s still being used today, 8 years from when it launched.

Any fault could affect Sky’s share price, so there was a huge number of technical aspects we had to consider. The system we were going to create needed to be nothing short of functionally exceptional, and that’s exactly what we delivered.

The simple platform enables all Sky representatives to stay connected with the wider business, from checking today’s offers to competing with colleagues for the best sales numbers. After all, a little competition is healthy. Sky representatives can upload their sales scores in real time and the management team is then able to check progress in a non-intrusive way, using the site to enhance performance. As a large enterprise, it’s difficult to have the agility like smaller businesses do, but our solution means Sky has the benefit of real time data allowing them to react to changes as quickly as they arise.

The Results.

Today, a number of all sky sales still go through our platform. A dramatic increase in customer acquisition numbers has been directly attributed to our system.

Needless to say, we’re very proud and pleased to have delivered a robust solution that has made a significant difference to the future of Sky’s business.

Over the past 14 years, we’ve built a strong relationship with Sky and we’re delighted to remain one of their rostered agencies. We’re continuing to work on a host of cutting edge digital prospects with them and look forward to how Rockpool can help Sky with future business.