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STA Travel

Transforming the customer experience

The Challenge.

How do stay ahead of the curve when customer behaviour is always changing?

Established since 1979 and operating in 12 different countries with over 2000 members of staff, STA Travel is the world’s largest student and youth travel company. STA prides itself on the best way to book travel and enabling students and young adults to explore the world by facilitating value-for-money adventures.

As their main customer base continues to change the way they buy and research travel, STA needs to stay ahead of the curve in order to offer the best user experience possible. We needed to present a solution to enhance the overall customer experience leading to more downloads, more users and an increase in brand engagement.


  • Year


  • Deliverables

    Zen Desk 

    UX Improvements

  • Platform

    iOS / Android Apps


  • Zendesk integration

  • Menu Updates

  • iPhone X designs

  • ISIC card integration

  • Multi-language integration

Our Solution.

Working closely with STA, we created a comprehensive roadmap to continue building on the success of the app, adding new features and integrating an improved user experience.

Features delivered were integration with Zendesk – software that improves customer service and support, and a mobile burger style menu update with options that change for signed in and signed out users, and which also allows users to quickly access bookings and customer services. .

In terms of design, we presented a fresh, new concept on the iPhone X to improve the aesthetics of the app, as well as making it available to download in all appropriate territories. We would then implement multi-language integration to enhance and streamline the user experience across targeted territories where the app is available for download. Alongside the new design, we advised integration with ISIC – the International Student Identity Card - which would give STA’s student customer base access to discounts.

The Results.
  • Active users up 107%

  • Link booking up 221%

  • Product search up 210%