Audi: Aquiring Talent

"How do you showcase the benefits of your apprenticeships to appeal to the very best talent?"

Audi are one of the worlds biggest brands, so it makes sense that they want to attract the worlds best talent. Apprenticeships are a brilliant alternative to University, and offer an education whilst earning.

Audi offer a variety of apprenticeships, from service technicians to parts advisor and they wanted a new website to demonstrate the benefits of their programme – not just to the students, but to schools and parents too.

45% Increase in applications against the previous year results

19% Increase in the number of visitors to the site

Project Summary

The key elements of the project included

  • Appeal to students ages 14 to 18 with an experience driven website which conveys a relatable message
  • Ensure the site qualifies applicants to make sure the very best are getting through
  • Provide applicants, parents and careers advisors with practical information
  • Make the website available on all modern browsers and devices to increase reach


Audi were struggling to appeal to students with their apprenticeships, and the applications they did receive didn’t meet the requirements of the programme. The Audi Apprenticeship site was outdated, difficult to use and didn’t answer the questions that students, parents and teachers had about the scheme.

Audi required a simple website that explained why their apprenticeship was a great next step, and which qualified applicants to make sure the right type of applicant were getting through.

It needed to be creatively led and display the Audi Apprenticeship Programme in an engaging, approachable way.


The most important aspect of this website was that it had to appeal to 14 to 18 years olds. We knew it had to be a modern, experience driven website which worked across multiple devices. To help with this we used parallax scrolling, so that we could tell a story about the apprenticeships and add to that story as the visitor scrolled down the page. We also integrated with Facebook and Twitter to highlight real conversations that were happening between current or old apprentices. Finally we knew that showcasing real people in videos, and highlighting the personal experiences they’d had, was a lot better than having a lot of text so we designed the website to be rich media led.

We also knew that we had to appeal to parents and careers advisers, so we created their own area of the site, with FAQ’s on the programme and facts about the benefits of the scheme. We also included case studies to highlight that the apprenticeship is just the first step of a great career at Audi. Finally we knew we had to encourage more site visitors to apply to the site, so we sign-posted to the application form at key stages of the story.