Cinema is a space ripe for disruption – so when we were asked to help return cinema to the people, we jumped at the chance.

ourscreen is democracy in action – you choose a film, you choose a cinema, and then if enough tickets sell, your screening goes ahead. You get to see that special movie in your local cinema along with your friends, family and fellow film lovers.

The Full Monty

Inevitably it's not quite that simple behind the scenes. Over the few months of design and development of the site - we held a series of user experience workshops, furiously sketching out wireframes in order to get to the bottom of some pretty complex user journeys. People-powered cinema is a radical concept, the success of which is dependent on people taking the plunge and setting up screenings, so we thought hard about ways to remove friction and encourage social sharing to drive ticket sales.

It had to look great too. Cinema is a visual art-form, and we wanted to capture that widescreen, immersive excitement across all devices. There's a defined journey there, from consideration (where it's all about demonstrating how great your screening will be) through purchasing (where the focus is on clarity and simplicity), and onto sharing (where we need to motivate people to promote their screening and sell loads of tickets), and the creative had to match people's needs throughout.

The Fast and the Furious

Working with a start-up - agility was the name of the game throughout, and the ourscreen proposition evolved while we were building the site. That meant we had to be super-agile, responding to industry changes and shifting focus as we went. Luckily we love a bit of insight-based iteration, so we were in our element – in fact, the site continues to change and evolve post-launch based on insights gleaned from user behaviour.

The site launched in March 2014, and it's grown steadily since; it won a coveted Lovie award in October, and has been featured in Wired, The BBC, The Guardian and throughout the digital and tech press. It's also been taken to heart by some great big brands like Film 4, National Theatre and The Times, who have used it for campaigns and special launch events.

It's a Wonderful Life

ourscreen also demonstrates real value for cinemas –it uses screens that may otherwise be empty, and peer sharing is a key part of the screening process, resulting in an average revenue per screening that's more than double the industry norm.

We're continuing to work closely with ourscreen to develop the proposition. Going to the cinema isn't always as fun as it should be, and we're totally hyped about changing that.