RAC: Creating New Digital Experiences For Motorists

"How do you create new digital experiences for motorists whilst staying true to your founding purpose?"

The RAC is more than a brand. It’s an institution. And for many institutions the modern world has not been easy to adapt to. However, the RAC has used recent changes in consumer behavior to their advantage by creating new digital experiences for motorists.

The RAC operate in a highly competitive breakdown and insurance market but despite this brand has still successfully grown its membership and the RAC Route Planner is a huge part of that.

14% Since the route planner went live the number of visits to the site increased by 14% YOY in the first 6 months

This figure has since risen to a 16% increase in visits YOY

Project Summary

The key elements of the project included

  • Ensure the RAC's largest acquisition channel is still relevant to consumers
  • Create value that other route and journey planners can’t offer
  • Develop a route planner that's equally useful on desktop and mobile
  • Increase profile and brand love for the RAC


The RAC Route Planner is the RAC’s main acquisition channel and acts as a window to the variety of products the RAC can provide to motorists. However the Route Planner was struggling; it used outdated technology and couldn’t compete with AA Route Finder or other journey planners such as Google Maps.

The RAC needed this updating quickly. It had to be adaptive for mobile and desktop use, it needed to integrate with the Google Maps API, and it had to offer value add features such as weather updates, traffic camera integration, mileage information, and expense consolidation.

More importantly it had to encompass updated SEO capabilities so that it could be easily discovered.

Business objectives

  • Increase the number of visitors to the site to help with acquisition to all areas of the RAC
  • Introduce customers to new RAC products to aid with cross sell
  • Improve organic search to lower the cost acquisition


From analysis of the market, we knew that whatever we produced had to be accessible on multiple devices so we developed an adaptive site for Mobile and Desktop. Because of complex integration and IT, the focus had to be on user needs rather than a protracted technology piece.

Using Google Maps as the underlying technology , we tailored the experience for specific users. The result is a planner that included a 5 day weather forecast and real time traffic alert system. Drivers can also set up traffic alert emails for their daily routes.

"We have an ongoing relationship with Rockpool and ongoing digital development . They are like an extension of the digital team and the relationship works well. Some people can talk a good game but to transform an idea into action, many fail at that point. Rockpool don't."
Chief Marketing Officer at RAC

We knew that motorists were looking for points of interest along their route, so we integrated with Late Rooms to show hotel availability. We also provided RAC with the ability to add a range of Points of Interests (POI’s) themselves, such as dealers and garages.

We needed to appeal to business users, so we added mileage calculators and multi journey options to help with expense claims for business users.

To help users select the right route we provide multi route results and added drag and drop waypoints so that users could manually chose their route on the map, and factor in points of interests or particular roads.