Sky are one of our longest-standing clients and we’ve worked on a whole host of projects with them over the years, including the build of a bespoke end-to-end lead management and sales platform.

Digital that enhances employees' lives

We know it sounds complicated but Sky work with a number of third parties to help them sell and distribute their services all over the UK and they wanted to create a platform which would allow them to keep in contact with all their guys in the field. As a sales tool it had to be a few things – real-time, scalable and flexible to answer Sky’s needs.

And allows Sky to act on real time data

The end result is a powerful tool that’s still being used 8 years on. The platform is easy enough for all Sky representatives to stay connected with the wider business, from checking on today’s offers to competing with their colleagues for the best sales numbers. They can upload their sales information in real time, and management are able to check progress in a non-intrusive way and use the site to driver better performance. Sky have the benefit of real time data which allows them to react to changes as quickly as they arise.

To make a real difference to the business

Today 16% of all Sky sales still go through our platform, meaning that the system needs to be functionally excellent as any fault could affect the share price. A dramatic increase in customer acquisition numbers has been directly attributed to our system and we’re pleased to have delivered a solution that has made a significant contribution to the future of Sky’s business.

Over the last 8 years we’ve built up a great relationship with Sky, and we’re delighted to remain one of their rostered agencies and continue to work on a host of cutting edge projects with them.