STA Travel

"How do you deliver digital transformation at speed?"

STA Travel is the world's leading travel company for students and young adults. Employing nearly 2,000 employees across 12 countries they have more than 35 years of experience as the 'youth travel expert' - enabling students and young adults to explore the world by facilitating value-for-money adventures globally.

88% of sales target achieved during soft launch

86% of user target achieved during soft launch

15k Un-promoted, the site had 15k sign ups during soft launch

323% Increase in products shared online from month 1 to month 3

Project Summary


STA Travel's business traditionally existed offline with a solid investment in bricks & mortar. Consequently, their neglected digital real estate had grown into a disconnected system with multiple disparate databases and no single customer view.

At the same time, STA Travel has found itself operating in an increasingly competitive, digital world, and so asked us to partner with them to achieve their next stage of growth online.


We started working with STA in 2014 across four territories (US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand) – on their overall digital strategy, along with the design and development of a customer account for what is expected in year one to be 400,000 users worldwide.

Working in 2 week sprints, we are developing a mobile responsive website built on Umbraco, along with building on their existing iOS and Android Mobile applications to deliver new and improved mobile experiences, all due to go live in early 2015.

Technology used

.NET, C#, SQL Server, iOS (Objective-C), Android and Google Analytics

Business problems solved

  • Improve customer service by developing their first ever customer account
  • Increase online revenue per customer
  • Save time and increase productivity for retail staff by decreasing itinerary check calls
  • Building a customer base from increased sharing / social opportunities


  • Personalised cross sell based on user's itinerary
  • Profile, traveller type and student status for targeted offers
  • Customer accounts available across 4 key markets (UK, US, AUS, NZ)
  • A scalable platform for future enhancements